13 Reasons why it is beneficial to work with us

  1. 1.  Sessions provided in your home

  2. 2.  Evening appointments available

  3. 3.  Inclusion of your whole family into the work (if you wish)

  4. 4.  Effective communication with your companion animal

  5. 5.  Assistance on integrating new members to the pet family (human or pet)

  6. 6.  Use of the TTouch Method

  7. 7.  Understanding of your animal's health issues. (We are not a replacement for a veterinarian but we can teach you a technique that will help you to enhance the overall health of your companion)

  8. 8.  Integration of teaching about dog communication and social behavior

  9. 9.  Positive basic training

  10. 10. Help with any emotional, training or behavioral issues

  11. 11. Commitment to looking at every situation as unique

  12. 12. Constant further education on our part

  13. 13. Increase in mutual understanding, communication and rapport between human and pet

Would you benefit from us? Take the test below:





My dog is easy to excite

My dog tends to be nervous

My dog is shy or fearful

My dog is afraid of thunder Or loud noises

My dog gets anxious or destructive

My dog is reactive to people/dogs

My dog gets car sick

My dog is a leash puller

My dog displays obsessive behaviors

My dog shows signs of aging

My dog suffers chronic physical symptoms

Are you feeling helpless watching your dog age?

All "No" answers? Congratulations! Your pet is well balanced and socialized. You two did good work together. If you want to say thank you to your companion you might want to treat him to a wellness/TTouch session, especially if he/she has some health issues. Give us a call and find out what that would look like.

Have a few "Sometimes?" Your companion is for the most part a great companion for you! If you want to help him/her to improve the areas he/she is weak in, we will be happy to help you bring out his/her full shining.

Any "Yes" answers? Are you sometimes frustrated and don’t know how to help your dog to be more balanced and in ease with life? Probably your animal companion is not very happy either! He/she truly could benefit from some work to become a happier and balanced family member. Schedule an appointment with us today and we will show you how to overcome the issues you are facing.


About Center for Animal Training LLC

In Germany during the 1980’s, I was living in a little house with two Rottweilers, two rabbits, two cats, and a canary—all in harmony without anyone in a cage. We lived in harmony because all of us communicated with each other and understood that every creature was part of this family. From this experience came my determination to help others learn to communicate with their pets, and live with harmony in their families.

As I thought about how many, challenges can occur in the relationship between humans and animals, I realized that there is much misunderstanding about what animals need, what is harmful to them, and what is reasonable to expect from their behavior. I began a study of Alternative Animal Medicine in 1996, and The Tellington Touch Method for animals in 1997, and also attended a variety of Obedience Training Programs for dogs, so I could see how I might blend and integrate approaches.

After I came to the United States, I founded The Center for Animal Therapy LLC. - now known as Center for Animal Training - which offers an integrated approach to enhancing the understanding, communication, and setting of expectations between animals and their families, necessary for creating harmony. Therefore, we address any obedience issues, behavioral issues or just not knowing “how," as well as help you to understand and remedy any emotional problems in your animals, such as fear or aggressiveness. We can help you handle adding a new animal or human member into the family and coach you on ways you can help an animal cope with issues of old age and death.

Our training is force free, uses positive reinforcement and includes an orientation to social issues among dogs and other animals. Understanding, for example, how dogs communicate their needs with each other helps to see how a dog attempts to find its place in a family. Many common problems are due to lack of effective communication between the animal and the human.

Our work is brought directly to your home. We find it is most helpful for us to assess the needs of the family and the animals in their natural setting. It also will enable us to see the behavior you are looking to improve. Dogs never act the same as they do at home when brought to a different place they don’t know and confronts them with a lot of new and unfamiliar smells. We will teach and show you methods the whole family can use, based on your particular needs and abilities, to create harmony in behavior, and enhanced love and understanding between people and animals in your home. One of the main tools we use in our work is the TellingtonTouch Method which induces relaxation and the ability to focus in stressful situations. For more information on this amazing Method please open our TTouch page.

We are now certified in SATS as well, which provides animals with physical means to communicate their needs to people. We are very excited about this unique training technique! For more information on SATS training, please visit our SATS page using the link above.

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