Todd and Copper

My name is Carrie. I have a dog named Copper and a cat named Todd. Some years ago my cat became aggressive and would stalk my dog and also our rabbit. Sometimes turning on them and hurting them. My vet recommended I give Todd valium to clam his temper. It did work for a while. Then the aggression got worse. It got to the point where we would have to lock Todd down the basement so that he would not hurt anyone while we weren't home. I hated to do this and Todd became angrier. Then I came across Manuela Hejna at a friends house working with her three corgis. I was so impressed how she handled the dogs and the gentle way she approached and talked to them. I had her come to my home to help Todd and Copper be friends again. There were immediate results. They eagerly approach her when she arrives and even though her appointment is for an hour, she always stays longer to make sure they both receive enough attention. Manuela taught me what to do between her visits. She also gave me helpful ways to use such as wrapping and coconut oil and taught me how important it is for animals to have a natural diet. Manuela has made our home harmonious once again. I can't thank her enough for the gentle Touch she has brought to my pets. I highly recommend anyone having pet behavior problems to call her.

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