Prince the Collie

If your pet is experiencing serious behavioral or emotional problems and you think you’ve exhausted all of your options – WAIT! There is still hope. After a move to a new home two years ago, my 8-year old collie, Prince was having a difficult time accepting and adjusting to the move. His problems and behaviors were extreme and distressing and I just couldn’t figure out what to do to help him.

I belong to a Collie Club, and even the members who have been working with rescue dogs, who come from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of problems for twenty plus years didn’t know what else they could recommend. Then, two of them said "Call Manuela Hejna". They remembered her from a seminar they had attended. That call was the best call I ever made. With Manuela’s care, instruction, and various therapy methods, within several weeks, Prince was a different dog, and our relationship had reached a new level. I am so grateful for what Manuela was able to do for me and Prince.

Manuela has a gifted way of communicating with our four-legged friends, and provides you with a way to learn how to communicate with them too. Not only did Manuela help me with Prince, but she was also able to provide suggestions to help me communicate better with some of my cats. Make the call. And, you too, will experience the transformation that Manuela’s methods can make with your pet. You will be happier, and your pet will be happier. I’m glad I made the call and the effort to follow her suggestions. You will be too.

Terri G.
Belleville, MI

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