Rottweiler & Baby Become Friends!

I have a five year old Rottweiler who rules the house. She was the center of our attention. Then I had a baby. I assumed that she would adjust and they would become friends. I tried to initiate some communication between them, but whenever I brought my son near her, she would run in the other direction. Despite this, she would indicate to me that my son was awake in his crib by walking past his room and putting her nose in the doorway. When visitors came to see the baby she would get between them as if to check them out first. I was happy she looked out for him but I wanted them to be buddies too.

One day, while I was out buying her dog food, I noticed a brochure from Manuela and the TTouch. I took it home and called her. Within a few treatments with Manuela, my dog started to open up to my son. Slowly she was allowing him to touch her. Then the most amazing things started to happen. They started to play games! My son started to bring her toys to her and a gentle game of "get the sock" would ensue. My son loves to give her lots of hugs and kisses. Guests really flip out when they see a little one year old with his arms wrapped around a big 100 pound Rottie. They are close buddies now and I am so thankful to Manuela for taking the time to spend with us. It has recreated harmony in our household.

I give my dog the TTouch several times during the week and I use it when she visits the vet.
I have a calm and confident dog once again, and a very happy little boy with a big dog for his best friend.

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