The Story of Brutus

This is the story of our dog Brutus, a Lab/Dane mix. We rescued Brutus when he was 10 months old and were told he was calm, housebroken, and could walk on a leash. He was none of those things, and is extremely high energy. He could not walk on a leash without jumping and tugging, chewed up everything, did not listen to any commands, and he peed inside for no apparent reason. We worked with him ourselves, as we have had dogs before, but we got stuck. We found the Center for Animal Therapy in the phone book and invited Manuela over to meet with Brutus.
Each session Manuela gave us different ideas and ways to deal with Brutus. He is a very stubborn dog! We used T-touch therapy to help calm him down and connect with him. We had quiet time together. We kept him on a schedule. Now we can walk or jog with Brutus. He minds his manners and can do lots of neat tricks. He is also fully housebroken. After a year Brutus finally became a really good companion and friend. I owe my great dog friendship to Manuela. I know I put in the effort but she taught me what I needed to know. She listened to me when I cried out of frustration. Each time I talk to people about Brutus I tell them how great she is and what a difference she makes. If you have a "Brutus", don't give up! The rewards of standing by him last a lifetime.
Polly, Kelli, and Brutus

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